Secondary Metal Containment

What are the advantages of Metal over dirt?

While the investment of Metal Containment systems has a higher initial cost, it has a 25 year maintenance free life expectancy versus the four year life expectancy of a well-built dirt berm.  By the second time the dirt berm has to be repaired, a metal containment system will be less expensive.  Additionally, we have an 18 gauge system that compares favorably in price to a dirt berm.

About Secondary Metal Containment

Blackrock Services’ Secondary Metal Containment systems are made of G90 galvanized steel and come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be powder coated, which doubles the life expectancy.  The sheets come in 5’ and 10’ sections.  We offer four different heights: 22, 25, 35 and 45 inches they are also available in four different thicknesses: 10, 12, 14, and 18 gauge metals.  It is a bolt up system with sealant in between the bolt holes.  It is put into the ground a minimum of six inches. Blackrock recommends adding a liner since the liner will eliminate expensive soil remediation.  We also have a zero ground system that sits on free standing base plates and requires a liner.  We also offer several different sizes of walkovers.  Our walkovers are powder coated and meet OSHA standards.  In addition, we also have gravel rings and load line containments.  


The following information is required for us to provide you with a quote.

  • Diameter of the tanks?
  • Number of tanks?
  • How many barrels or gallons in each tank?
  • How will the tanks be spaced and arranged?
  • Do you need a liner?
  • Do you need a walkover?
  • Do you need gravel rings or load line containments?